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Inspiration The clever intersection of two human behaviors at Bandon Dunes.

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There’s something about the past that’s incredibly romantic.

Despite the technology now available that straightens shots and lengthens drives, it’s funny to find ourselves curious about what it would be like to play a round with the mashies, niblicks and spoons of yesteryear.

But there’s more here than simple nostalgia.

Because humans are also attracted to extremes.

When we want to get in shape, we don’t just take the stairs instead of the elevator, we sign up for a marathon. Homes are twice the size they were two generations ago, but the biggest movement in home buying isn’t going back to 1,200 sq ft ramblers, it’s 100 sq ft tiny homes.

It’s the intersection of these two behaviors that makes me love an event recently hosted at Bandon Dunes: the 2017 AGS Match Play Invitational.


AGS, for those of you who (like me) were about to Google that, stands for Auld Golf Society.

“Sponsored by the Auld Golf Society…The theme was to imagine attending a golf outing circa 1917 and to play the game as close as possible to what was the common game of the day – match play.

To make it interesting organizer, Chris “Auld Mac” McIntyre created a system of foursome “Pods,” establishing an opportunity to have five pod winners after two full rounds of golf. Each player played nine-hole matches with the other three players, then a final 9-hole match with the two players having the most wins and points playing it out for the win.”

This is such a cool event.

Experiencing Extremes
It lets people tap into the nearly inescapable feeling of nostalgia we have for the origins of sports like golf in a way that’s planned for and embraced.

And in doing so enables golfers to experience the opposite extreme from their usual Sunday afternoons. Like a weekend in a tiny home or crossing the finish line (only) of a marathon, golfers can see what it’s like without fully committing to a lifestyle.

So smart.

A great event from a great organization hosted at a great resort? That’s great marketing.

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