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A simple approach to personalizing Arrival Day campaigns during the holidays.

One of our more popular playbooks outlines why and how to setup an Arrival Day campaign.

These campaigns greet arriving guests with useful tips, offers, and information that help any guest, but especially those just beginning their stay, have a wonderful experience.

A Simple Idea

With the holidays approaching, we’d like to suggest a simple idea for customizing and personalizing these messages.

Instead of leading with your typical subject or headline, lead with something like:

“Thanks for spending your holidays with us.”

This is a special time of year. A time that brings people together and gives us all a chance to step back and reflect on what really matters.

These people staying at your property trust you enough to spend these personal, important moments with you. And that is worthy of appreciation and gratitude.

Keep Going

But don’t stop there, add in a few more helpful details like:

  • Holiday-related events or dining options
  • Highlight any charitable initiates you are involved in
  • Photos or graphics that are relevant to the season

The holidays are a magical time. Arrival Day campaigns are a powerful strategy. Mix the two together and you’ll find yourself with a really strong campaign.

Click here to download the Arrival Day playbook→

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