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A better way
to market and sell golf vacations.

The vast majority of vacations are booked online. But in golf, that number lags behind the rest of the industry for one simple reason: it’s too complicated. Tee-times, lodging, lessons, travel insurance, and transportation are all over the place, and can create a tangled web of confirmations and itineraries.

Inntopia gives golf resorts, and their golfers, a better way.

Sell Tee-Times and Lodging in One Cart

Inntopia Commerce integrates with both PMS and tee-sheet systems to create a single, central supply of inventory for everything a golfer needs and provides the tools to sell everything – tee-times, lodging, transportation, and more – in a single cart, online with our responsive booking engine, and over the phone with our easy-to-use agent interface.

Even better, you don’t have to own lodging. So, if you’re a course that works with lodging partners for out-of-town golfers, you can just as easily sell their rooms and your tee-times side-by-side.

Turn Last Year’s Golfers into Next Week’s Tee-Times

Integrated with Inntopia Commerce is our Marketing Cloud that lets you use guest data to perfectly target messages to prospects and past golfers. If your rooms or tee-sheets need a boost, you’ll have to tools to fill them.

Even better, we can put this data in the hands of your entire staff so everyone has guest insights the moment they need them.

Want a closer look? Just request a no-pressure demo. We'd love to show you around.

Double Your Average Cart Size

Learn how to double the average booking size at your resort or hotel in five simple steps.

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