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Six ways golf resorts are catering to their local markets during Covid-19.
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Destination travel is still extremely low even as golf courses reopen. The result? An increased focus on local markets.

Like all constraints, the need to skew your visitors towards locals is driving some impressive creativity, smart ideas, and effective marketing. Here are a few things resorts are doing that caught our attention.

Frequency Products

Products and offers designed for golfers who are able to stop by regularly and often are a great way to nail down some loyalty in the local market now instead of trying to convince them to choose you over and over again.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Resort social accounts tend to skew local, so one of the simplest and most effective things resorts are doing is simply reminding people over and over again they’re open. No marketing message will reach everyone and even great messages can be forgotten with all the noise, so repetition is key right now to ensuring locals start to consider a visit.

Limited Lodging Openings

It’s hard to plan a cross-country trip when openings are limited, but it’s much easier when you can make that decision at the drop of a hat. Nemacolin Woodlands shared this message along with a strong visual to plant that seed with their local markets.


If you’re restaurant is open, there’s absolutely going to be a local market to speak to. Lansdowne is even offering curb-side pickup for locals.

And while a destination guest may not come for the Mother’s Day Brunch, but a local absolutely would. Messages like these from Four Seasons Lana’i are a perfect want to capture the interest of locals.

Highlight Health Efforts

Whether or not someone jumps on a plane may depend on dozens of factors, but whether or not someone drives an hour or two may depend solely on how safe they’ll feel once they arrive. Highlighting your team and their efforts to keep folks safe is a great way to address this hurdle.

Last Minute Golf Specials

Sharing a last-minute offer is a great way to remind your followers that you’re open and give them a reason to not just remember this fact but act on it.

Similarly, accomplishing both of those things make only take a single link.

Whatever tactics you employ, looking to your local market is a great way to generate some revenue while you wait for destination travel to rebound.

See other examples you like? Let us know!

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