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Do women open resort marketing emails more frequently than men?

We’ve looked at gender a few times in regard to mountain resort marketing, but we’ve never looked at gender in the context of the most basic hotel email marketing metrics of open and click rates. So, do women tend to open or click marketing emails more often than men? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
We’ll explore other segments later, but today we wanted to specifically address the mountain resort industry where the core product – skiing – tends to skew more toward men. We looked at 20 newsletters sent during the last three months by 10 different resorts to over 2,500,000 recipients.


For our sample, the average open rate was 17.1% for men and 14.2% for women. The average click rate was 9.5% for men and 8.6% for women. Overall, the lists these campaigns were targeted for were 59% men and 41% women.

What This Means
Of all the demographic and behavioral factors marketers segment by, we haven’t seen many that show such a large gap when compared side by side. The fact that 20% more men open an email campaign than women looks like an area that’s ripe for experimentation.

Why not give this a try with an upcoming campaign? Segment your typical newsletter list into men and women, create unique content for each, and put them head to head. It may make no difference, but if you can close that gap just slightly, the rewards could be significant.

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