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Tips Four Benefits of Using Pre-Arrival Surveying

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 Apr 23, 2020

Deliver Hyper-Relevant Content and an Exceptional Guest Experience

We know this mantra well: The right message, to the right guest, at the right time. It is a foundational phrase for Inntopia Marketing Cloud and one that especially holds true in this new era for travel. The behaviors, needs, and expectations of our customers will be different from those of the pre-COVID days.

This is where the Pre-Arrival Survey project comes into play. A pre-arrival survey not only allows you to understand who your incoming customers are, but also what their needs and expectations are. When powered with this information, not only are you able to get the right message to the right guest at the right time, you are also meeting the right needs and the right expectations of your customers.

Implementing a pre-arrival survey is straight forward and provides ample opportunity for customization. At Inntopia, we leverage automation in Acoustic to email the guest sometime between their booking date and arrival date. The email contains content specific to the survey and includes a link that redirects guests to a survey form. Once the guest completes the survey, we can leverage their response data to serve up dynamic content specific to their interests or relay the responses to a hotel team member, such as a concierge, to follow-up directly with each customer.

Benefits of Pre-Arrival Surveying

Below are four ways pre-arrival surveying can provide big benefits to both the resort and the customer.


Delivering a pre-arrival survey a couple of weeks before a guest’s arrival date allows the resort to capitalize on timing. Your guests have already booked and are now actively thinking about and planning for their upcoming trip.


This campaign benefits both the customer and the resort in that it empowers the marketer to deliver the exact content for which the customer is looking. It benefits the customer because they are looking for suggestions based on their interests.


The newly acquired response data now lives in the database. This can be delivered to resort employees who engage with customers directly. Imagine providing your concierge with a report of incoming guests who have not only specified what their interests and preferences are but are now expecting to receive a phone call to help facilitate fulfillment.


With resorts equipped with the knowledge they’ve gained (interested in spa, skiing, dining, etc.), they have a powerful opportunity to drive ancillary spend and capture transactions before a customer chooses a non-resort vendor or second guesses their desire to book an activity.

We’ve seen great success with this campaign across a handful of resorts and no two implementations are the same. That’s what makes this campaign so great.  There are so many ways we can customize this campaign to meet the specific goals and needs of your resort.

Interesting in learning more? Contact your Inntopia Marketing Cloud Strategic Account Manager to get started.

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