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Fifty golf resort website designs in three minutes.
FairwayFillers Golf

I’m very much a website guy.

I wholeheartedly believe in the value of having a piece of web real estate you own, have control over, and can optimize. And as a marketer, I find these windows into a brand to be very telling of overall strategy and messaging.

So being, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that I have a collection of my favorite sites.

With some of these it’s the quality of design, other times it’s a very simple element, or perhaps it’s a word or phrase.

With a bit of diversity into the why, something I discovered a while back is that viewing resort websites one after the other is a great way to draw inspiration for not just your golf resort’s website, but your marketing and brand as a whole.

So, as you can see, that’s exactly what we’ve done (just in video form so everyone can see).

Handy, Powerful Tool
If you’re anything like me, this little video has sparked more than one fresh idea every time I’ve watched it.

A small little tool to put in your back pocket, but a handy one to turn to when you’re looking for a little bit of marketing inspiration.


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