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Q: Does a video upload get more engagement than a video link share on Facebook?

Last week’s analysis of Facebook engagement by length and post type sparked a few questions. One of which was centered around video types because, to Facebook, a video upload and a video link share (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) are both considered “videos” because both can play directly from the news feed. But does one get more engagement than the other? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at the same 3,000 videos included in last week’s analysis. This time, however, we grouped the videos by type – video files uploaded directly to Facebook vs. links shared to videos on other sites (Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) – and found the average engagement. With fewer factors, we’ve detailed rates by engagement type as well.


The simple answer is that the videos uploaded directly to Facebook in our sample got many times more engagement than the links shared to videos hosted elsewhere. To be more specific, Facebook uploads were liked 4.2 times as often (0.84% like rate vs 0.20%), commented on 5.5x as often (0.11% vs. 0.02%) and shared 10.5x as often (0.21% vs 0.02%).

What This Means
While sharing a YouTube video on Facebook may carry benefits outside of the views themselves, it’s hard to argue with gaps like this because it’s very likely that Facebook’s algorithm favors one over the other.

If you haven’t been uploading videos to Facebook, it may be worth a shot going forward.

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