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Does ending a price in “9” increase clicks or engagement?

Last week we looked at how many prices actually end in “9” versus other numbers. The results were a bit surprising, but we promised we’d dig one layer deeper and look at message engagement for each group of prices. Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we took the same sample of 75,000 messages and simply added one column to our analysis: engagement. This metric represents the average of open rate (email), like rate (Facebook), favorite rate (Twitter), and like rate (Instagram) for each group of messages.

Most numbers in this sample hovered around 5.5-5.6% average engagement. The two low points were prices that ended in “3” and prices that ended in “8” where engagement both dipped to 5.0%. The next lowest point was for prices ending in “9” where engagement was 5.3%. The highest point was for prices ending in “5” where engagement was 5.7%.

What This Means
There are two aspects of this that caught our eye. The first is that aside from the typical, rounded numbers that end in “0”, the duel between the other most common numbers of “5” and “9” appears to be won by the former in terms of engagement. On the flip side, if there are numbers to avoid, those appear to be “3” and “8” for whatever reason.

But the other takeaway is that the differences are slight and, of course, depend on many other factors. So while, yes, “5” appears to be the winner, remember that the difference between the peak and valley of the engagement chart is just 14% (0.7% percentage points).

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