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Email Bounce Back Campaign

Just like it sounds, a bounce back campaign is messaging that’s designed to get people to return to your hotel, resort, or destination.

It works for a few reasons. First, whenever someone transacts, that creates a window where your brand is more relevant than other brands competing for someone’s attention. Second, if someone had a great experience, they already know the benefit of buying your product so asking them to do it again is an effective thing to do. Third, because these emails and messages are fully automated, it increases revenue with no extra work.

Timing of these campaigns usually varies by product. A ski resort trying to earn repeat ski vacationers may have to wait half a year or more to hit the sweet spot for an offer while some hotels could send these offers within a days or weeks after a guests’ stay.

Understanding your guests’ behaviors and not being afraid to experiment a bit will help your bounce back offer turn the most post guests into future guests.

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