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Email Template Services
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Inntopia offers a range of email template services to address the needs of professional email marketers. Complete the form below to learn more or get an estimate.

Drag ’n Drop Template Builder

Make your life easier and save time with our stand alone email editor. This resources allows you to build and manage fully responsive templates with advanced design options and capabilities.

Existing Email Template Fixes & Testing

Get professional support when you need it, we help you identify and fix rendering issues across devices and inbox providers. Just submit your code along with an example or detail of the issues you’re seeing and we’ll fix and test it for you. Discounted credit packs available and quick turn-around times when you need it. Request your email template repair →

New Email Template Design and Coding

Ready to start fresh? Submit our questionnaire with a summary of details and expected turnaround time. We will provides an original file, source code, and rendering test confirmation. Templates are hand coded in Dreamweaver. Device responsive code and add-ons such as countdown clocks, gifs, video, custom development, etc. are available.

Email Template Review & Analysis Package

Book time with our email team to review your email templates for best practices as well as optimization for future trends. We will provide tracking code that will help us learn more about your contacts as well as rendering tests along the way.

The Full Package

Don’t have an email team, ask about our contracting services that include creative and content development for automated email programs and ad-hoc sends. We’ll do everything for you!


Want a closer look? Just request a no-pressure demo. We'd love to show you around.

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