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News Inntopia Digital donating 200 hours of marketing work in 2020.

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It’s been a sobering few weeks. As resorts and hotels have closed, layoffs have followed. These workers aren’t just faces in a crowd, they’re our friends.

Along the way, we’ve been hearing from GMs and presidents and VPs. They’ve had to make hard decisions with layoffs or reducing hours, but also need to get emails out. Suddenly, they realize they don’t even have login credentials, much less the knowledge about how to push Send. We’ve also heard from marketing managers who have had their hours cut back, but not their workload, and just need a hand.

This is exactly what our Digital Team is designed to do, but it feels like a lousy time to take advantage of teams that are in a tough place emotionally and financially.

So, here’s our plan, starting with some advice.

Your Team

Please, before you ask for help from us, see if any of the folks from your team who have been laid off can help. Offer whatever you can whether it’s money or equipment or other resources in exchange for their help. These women and men are in a tough place and need it much more than us.

Our Team

If enlisting their help is not possible for whatever reason, our Digital Team will be donating 200 hours of marketing work during 2020 to help keep you going as best we can. Many resorts and hotels entrust their marketing and email execution to this team, so we’re not offering consultants, we’re offering folks who can jump in and do the work.

Some tasks for which you could ask for our team’s help include:

  • Getting an email out the door about COVID-19;
  • Copywriting for these messages;
  • Segmenting and analysis to identify the right people to whom you should reach out;
  • Creating a strategy for outreach this summer.

Our team has a ton of experience and can wear a lot of hats. If you have a marketing task that needs to be done, chances are they can help.

Our Goal

With so much uncertainty short term, our goal is simply to help as many people as possible just get through the next few weeks. So, we’ll limit any one resort to using 2-3 hours at first to ensure we have bandwidth as more properties reach out.

To clarify, this offer is available to anyone, not just our clients. Our team has experience with dozens of ESPs, social platforms, analytics packages, and more. We’d be happy to give you a hand however we can. No strings attached.

Need some help? Use this form to reach out. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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