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COVID-19: Four Tips to Properly Communicate With Your Guests

We know that this is a very challenging time and our first priority is the health and well-being of everyone.

To help your team through this uncharted territory, whether in your messaging or day-to-day operations, our Partner Services team created this list of tips:

Carefully Consider Resort Updates

  • Don’t sent blasts to the whole database
  • Only send updates to pass holders, recent guests, or guests with a reservation on-the-books
  • Review what the remainder is and throttle any additional messaging

Review Upcoming Scheduled Email Sends

  • Sales / deadline messages that are promotional should be postponed; the best timing is not right now
  • Hold back on pass sale deadlines for this week

Evaluate Automated Messages

  • Review subject line sensitivity and adjust as needed
  • Consider pausing Booking Anniversaries and/or Booking Reminders
  • Pause and examine Pre-Arrivals, and if needed, make updates to cancellation policies
  • Pause and examine Post-Departure Surveys and promoter response campaigns

Prepare Key Distribution Lists in Advance

So you are prepared when you need to send an urgent message, have your key distributions lists ready. This should include:

  • Local / Regional / National
  • Guests who are currently at the resort
  • Guests who have reservations on-the-books

Our entire team is ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and help when needed. Whether there’s more to do than you have people to do it or just need a quick break to decompress, please know that we are here for you.

We wish everyone the best, and hope for more normal days ahead very soon. Please stay healthy and safe.

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