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Cookie Policy

This policy applies to all visitors to any web page[s] on the domain.

We use a mix of “essential” and “non-essential” cookies on this website. You can choose not to allow the non-essential variety if you’d like. Below are some explanations and details.

Essential cookies

We use some cookies that are essential to the operation of this website — for instance, the cookie that tracks whether you’ve agreed to let us use other kinds of cookies (ironic, we know). We will set and use these cookies for all visitors, but they don’t include any personally identifiable information such as your IP address. If you would not like these kinds of cookies to be used, you must use a browser or browser plugin that blocks cookies from being set. However, please understand that some parts of our site, such as downloading case studies or dismissing banners and pop-ups and having them stay dismissed, will no longer work correctly if you block all cookies.

Non-essential cookies

We use some cookies to keep track of what you¹ do on our site, for example what pages you visit, what links you click on, and what case studies you download. For this, we use some common 3rd-party platforms like Google Adwords and Pardot.

In general, we’re doing this for two reasons: first, to see whether our website is useful to people like you (and make changes when it isn’t), and second, to try to display and send you information about Inntopia you’re actually interested in. For instance, if you visit a page about how Inntopia can be used by golf resorts, and then later give us your email address in order to download a case study, we might then send you emails that are designed to be relevant to people in the golf industry, rather than emails that are aimed at the ski industry. We also might use cookies to target you with advertising we think will be relevant to you after you’ve left our site, or to adjust what content on the site is displayed based on what we think you’re interested in.

In the end, we understand if you’d rather not be tracked around the web. But for what it’s worth, if you do allow non-essential cookies on this site, the only thing that should change is that we do a better job giving you the information you’re looking for (what we make and how it can help your business).

Non-essential cookies are not set (in fact, the tracking scripts from services like Pardot are not even loaded into the HTML of this site) unless you allow non-essential cookies by using the links below or clicking a button on the “Cookie Consent” banner that appears at the bottom of all pages on this site for visitors that haven’t yet set their preference.

Does Inntopia sell or share data collected via cookies?


Change your cookie preference

FYI, If you fill out a form on this site, such as to subscribe to a newsletter, download a white paper, or view a case study, that action is deemed consent to all cookies.

Clicking the below links sets a cookie (again, ironic, we know) that tells us whether to allow non-essential cookies to be set. This cookie is saved in the browser you’re using right now, on the computer or phone or tablet you’re using right now. If you change devices, or change browsers, or delete all your cookies, or reinstall your operating system, this cookie preference cookie will be lost and you’ll have to set it again, either using these links or by clicking a button on the “Cookie Consent” banner that appears at the bottom of all pages on this site for visitors that haven’t yet set their preference.

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¹To be clear, unless you voluntarily give us your name or email address, cookies don’t magically allow us to know who you are.

For questions or concerns about the cookie policy on this website, please send an email to

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