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Club Holdings LLC Chooses Inntopia Platform for Both E-Commerce and Contact Center Sales

PGA TOUR Experiences Expands Inntopia Partner List to Include Golf-Specific Tour Operator

Inntopia is pleased to announce that Club Holdings LLC, owner of Golf Experiences LLC operating as PGA TOUR Experiences, has signed on to use Inntopia’s full suite of e-commerce and central reservation travel products.  Golf Experiences is the premier source for quality golf vacations, instructional centers, corporate events, and much more.

“Inntopia is excited to welcome our first officially-licensed, golf-specific tour operator,” said Trevor Crist, President and CEO of Inntopia,  “Golf Experiences LLC offers their clients a unique golf experience and our package capabilities are the perfect fit for providing their guests with one-stop shopping for all their offerings.  In addition, using Inntopia.CRS will create efficiencies in their current contact center by reducing both time spent on the phone and time training agents.”

By also adding on-line booking capabilities to their website through Inntopia’s streamlined e-commerce checkout process, Golf Experiences LLC will provide potential guests with an intuitive, simple booking process that will significantly increase their conversion rates.

“We are excited to work with Inntopia on our new reservations platforms; we feel the product Inntopia offers fits the need that we have been looking for to provide our customers with a seamless experience,” commented Rick Shoemaker, COO and GM of Golf Experiences LLC.

About Golf Experiences LLC

Golf Experiences, LLC, operating as PGA TOUR Experiences, is an official retail licensee of PGA TOUR, Inc. Based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., PGA TOUR Experiences has been the primary source for quality golf vacations, PGA TOUR tournament packages, corporate outings, and TOURAcademy golf schools and junior camps since 2006. PGA TOUR Experiences offers stay and play golf packages at some of today’s premier destinations, including the World Golf Village (home to the original PGA TOUR Golf Academy) and World Golf Hall of Fame and the PGA TOUR’s own TPC Network, so that you can walk the same fairways and enjoy the same personal attention as the TOUR professionals do. To learn more about PGA TOUR Experiences, visit

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