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Case Study
How Resort Collection Used Inntopia DestiMetrics to Outpace Their Competition
Business Intelligence Destinations

Resort Collection manages hundreds of vacation rental properties and thousands of HOA properties in the Panama City Beach area. Thanks to Inntopia’s Business Intelligence platform and DestiMetrics, we know we’re outperforming our peers.

Visit Panama City Beach (our DMO) signed on with Inntopia to implement DestiMetrics in 2016. We started using it to measure our success and improve our management and marketing for our individual properties in September, so it’s been about a year.

DestiMetrics makes us better at what we do. It provides us a benchmark that allows us to go out and recruit more owners, because we can prove that we are outperforming the competition. Our Revenue Management Team, Executive Team, and myself spend the most time with the reports.

It allows me to see how we performed in a given month. Did we leave rate on the table? Did we price ourselves too low too soon, or too high too late?

Being able to see how we’re pacing for the next six months is very important, as well. I can see trends. I can see how events are performing. I can see where my opportunities are to drive rates, and I can amend my revenue management practices based on what those next six months look like.

We’re generally running at 110% market share compared to other properties in our destination.

If you use the data that’s presented, DestiMetrics can be absolutely critical to your success as an individual property. The DMO can see if they’re spending their marketing dollars wisely and whether events are driving occupancy. From a property standpoint, it’s invaluable to see how I’m performing against my competition and adjust my strategy accordingly.

Paul Wohlford
VP Business Development, Resort Collection

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