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Case Study
How Copper Used Inntopia Marketing Cloud to Motivate 17% of Dead Leads to Book a Vacation
Marketing Cloud Ski

In the Colorado Rockies, every customer counts. We don’t want to just sell fluff. We want to offer customers the products they actually are interested in, and Inntopia Marketing Cloud has given us the data to make that possible.

Inntopia has helped us take a holistic view of our customer. We get to see them from every angle and know their motivators, their triggers, and their purchasing patterns.

This has allowed us to use personalization to increase open rates significantly. We recently launched a lodging deal campaign for guests who hadn’t opened an email in quite some time, and motivated 17% of them to book. It’s amazing what you can do when you have enough information to say exactly the right thing to your audience.

What’s most rewarding for me is seeing how much money these emails have made. Putting a number to it has really proved that these emails and our whole marketing mix works.

There are a lot of graphs and data available so you can look at the results lots of different ways.—I could dive into the Insight dashboard for days.

The resort business is constantly evolving. It seems like there’s something new all the time. And Inntopia just keeps evolving along with it, staying on top of what’s possible and keeping us in a position to take advantage. More times than not, I’ve gone to Lindsay, our account rep, and said, “I have this random request; is this possible?” Instead of saying no, she will say “Yeah, let’s see how we can do this.”

Kimberly Trembearth
Senior Marketing Manager, Copper Mountain Resort

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Unengaged Customers Who Booked Through a Targeted Email Campaign


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