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Inntopia Attractions
A better way to market and sell attractions.

Your guests need lodging and your guests need tickets. The problem? Those two things live in different systems with two totally different booking interfaces. And, if you work with lodging partners, you may not even have access to those systems. The result? A disjointed, confusing booking process.

Inntopia gives you, and your guests, a better way.

Sell Tickets and Lodging in One Cart

In real-time, Inntopia Commerce pulls ticket rates and inventory from your POS or ticketing platform and lodging rates and inventory from your (and/or your lodging partners’) PMS to create a central supply of inventory.

We then give you a fully customizable booking engine and agent interface so your guests can easily purchase everything they need, side by side, in the same cart.

Drive More People to Your Booking Engine

But a booking engine is worthless without traffic, and Inntopia Marketing Cloud is designed exactly for that purpose. Use any data point to build automated and one-off messages to target guests throughout the travel cycle on key channels like email and social media.

Plus, you can measure the revenue each campaign generates right from your account to see what’s working and what’s not.

Want a closer look? Just request a demo. We'd love to show you around.

Double Your Average Cart Size

Learn how to double the average booking size at your resort or hotel in five simple steps.

Inntopia INSIGHT returns May 13-16, 2019!

Join us at our 15th annual conference in Mont Tremblant, Quebec for three days of sharing, best practices, and hands-on learning about the best travel technologies around.

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Marketing Cloud Migration

Hi. We’re in the midst of migrating all Marketing Cloud accounts to our new data center.

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