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Tips Three Must-Do Tips for Pushing Season Pass Sales

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While it’s the peak of summer season now for most of partners, many are thinking about the upcoming winter season, and are busily prepping for the launch of their new Season Pass products. Are you?

Whether you already had a spring pass sale launch, are still finalizing a new season pass lineup for next year, or if you’re deep in planning mode for a launch later this fall, there are great ways to optimize your pass sales campaigns using these free features in Inntopia Marketing Cloud.

Here is a short pass sales launch check-list to get ready to support your resort’s pass marketing strategy:

Set Up a Season Pass Guest Type

Suppress purchasers from any additional renewal messaging once they buy. You can also use this list for any other digital or display campaigns, to make sure you’re not still paying for impressions you no longer need.

Bonus points: Send an automated thank-you message detailing all of the pass-holder perks a few days after their purchase. This will really upgrade your customer’s experience and showcase the value of their commitment to your season pass!

Utilize Web Browsing Behavior

Re-target customers casually browsing your Season Pass information pages in between big pricing deadlines.

Send targeted follow-up messages to your “Lookers but not Bookers”. Speak to those who are on your website, but do not buy after 24-28 hours, with an automated Abandoned Browse campaign specific to Season Pass (you’ll use the guest type you created in #1 above to suppress!).

Think about what may be holding them back from buying, and write to those perceived barriers in your content. For example, maybe  include a phone number to your Call Center or Guest Service office where potential guests can speak to your friendly resort representatives about their options, or remind them of payment plans for low-money-down purchasing options. This method allows you to be in constant, near real-time communications with guests who are actively showing an interest in your pass products.

Segment Your Sales Messages

When prepping your price increase reminder emails, segment your lists between current pass holders and those that are one-to-two years lapsed. Pass holders from last season will likely be more engaged than those who are lapsed over multiple seasons. Tailor messaging accordingly for higher engagement and conversion.

Test upsell/downsell messages based on pass usage, if known. Those who didn’t get to their “break even” number of ski days on their 2018/19 season pass may be better served receiving a Four Pack or other Frequency Card offer to keep them from lapsing out of your pass programming all together.
On the flip side, Four Pack holders and other value-pass holders with higher ski days may be prime customers for upselling into a more premium pass product.

Above All

Remember that Season Pass holders, and other Four Pack or Card holders, are your most committed customers. Speak to your valued relationship with them and only send relevant messaging when crafting your go-to-market strategy for the big fall Season Pass sales season.

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