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The 2016/17 end-of-season email performance stats are in.

With roots in the mountains, we’ve been updating end-of-season email performance stats for this industry for almost a decade. A few weeks ago we ran the numbers again and here’s what we found.

The Goods
For this analysis we looked at 40,000 campaigns sent by 75 different mountain resorts to more than 300,000,000 recipients. We found the averages for each year across three metrics – open rate (unique opens / delivered), click rate (unique clicks / unique opens), and opt-out rate (out outs / delivered) – for the group, adding this season’s results to a chart with the previous eight. We’ve also subdivided the results by message type (promotional, pre-arrival, post-depature).

Open rates have been remarkably consistent during the last four seasons, 2016/17 very much included. Click rates have also been steady since 2013/14. Opt-out rates, though sporadic, have been consistently low and ended at or below the 5-year average for each message type we looked at.

What This Means
What’s most interesting about this analysis is that it uses the same message types and criteria we started with in 2008/09. In other words, even though we’ve looking at strategies that are nearly 10 years old the performance is still extremely strong across the board.

Looking at more innovative lifecycle messaging campaigns or segmentation strategies, for example, and you’ll find performance that is head and shoulders above these averages. Traditional email is strong, but in that maturing lies opportunity for creativity in the ways marketers are targeting and speaking to their guests.

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