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Only 1/3 of resort websites were responsive in 2014, but what about now?

Websites designed to work seamlessly across various devices of various sizes has been a hot topic, but late in 2014 we found that only 1/3 of resort websites were responsive. The number was, to be honest, surprisingly low. But what about today? Have the numbers improved or are most hospitality websites still not playing well with mobile devices and tablets? Here’s what we found.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at the exact same list of resort websites we did in 2014 with the same rules for determining responsiveness, once again grouping the results by resort type: ski, golf, and beach. Let’s start by looking first at where these numbers were in Dec 2014.

At the time about 33-35% of resort websites were responsive. This is what the chart looks like today.


Ski resorts jumped from 35% responsive to 53% responsive, golf resorts went from 33% to 54%, and beach resorts saw a nearly identical increase going from 34% to 55%.

What This Means
In each case adoption increased by more than 50%. Instead of one out of every three resort websites being responsive, more than half are built beyond desktop considerations.

As surprised as we were at how low these numbers were in 2014, we were equally surprised by how big the increase has been since then. As mobile-friendly email continues to grow, it’s good to see their web counterparts are ready for the mobile traffic they provide.

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