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Ten key insights to help you drive season pass sales this spring.

A decade ago, mountain resorts wouldn’t be thinking about selling passes for weeks or months. Today, pass season is already upon us. So being, we rounded up ten of our favorite insights on season passes to review as you start the annual cycle again this spring.

If someone uses their season pass X times, what’s the likelihood they’ll renew their pass?
This is a tough question to answer. Right now, You may have a Gold, Silver, and Bronze pass with youth, senior, family, employee…
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How hard is it to get a season passholder back after they skip a season?
The cost-to-acquire vs cost-to-retain is a common question in marketing circles. Season passholders often find themselves…
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How many guests skiing at one mountain actually own a season pass to another?
Last week we looked at one aspect of season passes: how expectations of use compare to actual use. This week, instead of looking…
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Do skiers who buy their season pass in April ski more than those who buy in November?
Two weeks ago we found that skiers who bought their season pass before summer were much more likely to renew the…
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Does the time of year a skier buys their season pass impact the likelihood they’ll renew?
As we’ve covered before, season pass promotions are beginning earlier and earlier in the year, though the impact on overall…
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How many season passholders are booking lodging at ski resorts each winter?
About a month ago now, we took at look at in-state/out-of-state passholder ratios for ski areas across the United States. That analysis…
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How good are skiers at guessing how many times they’ll use their pass each season?
In a few short weeks, millions of people will make New Year’s resolutions to accomplish goals like running a marathon or…
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What’s the dollar value of a season passholder going skiing one more day?
It’s been awhile since we correlated the number of days a skier spends on the mountain to his/her renewal rate the next winter. Today…
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How many season passholders are from out of state in the West, Midwest, and East?
More and more resorts are focusing season passholder efforts on their destination guests. As this happens, we were curious…
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Should you send deadline emails the last day? The day before? Two days before?
We all use deadlines to drive urgency, but what’s the right timing when it comes to reminding potential guests about those deadlines…
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