• Sell more through our innovative peer-to-peer capabilities.
  • Provide more services to your guests.
  • Robust packaging and promotion functionality.
  • Convert more lookers to bookers through the intuitive interface.
A powerful, intuitive reservation tool

Sell travel products online.

Inntopia.IBE is an online reservation system that extends beyond what is provided by others in the industry. Regardless of whether you are reselling inventory, selling your own inventory, or a combination of the two, the Inntopia.IBE system has a solution. It is core to our partnership philosophy and one that is constantly being improved to create an intuitive process that allows your customers to reserve their entire vacation.

In truth, Inntopia breaks the line between travel supplier and travel reseller because our innovative peer-to-peer capabilities enable any supplier of travel related inventory to sell any other supplier in our system. This allows you, regardless of where you fit in the travel industry, to become a digital concierge for your customers.

Upload your content


  • Sell any type of travel product (lodging, activities, transportation, events, air, insurance, etc.).
  • Suppliers manage their own content, availability, and rates.
  • Inntopia's customer support provides free supplier training and ongoing maintenance.
  • A growing list of interfaces create efficiencies.
  • Allows you to concentrate on selling to your customers.
A powerful, intuitive interface

Inntopia.RMS an easy to use supplier extranet.

At the heart of Inntopia.IBE is our comprehensive and robust supplier administration module, Inntopia.RMS (reservation management system), which serves as your content management, availability management, and rate management tool. It enables the functionality and flexibility, in the online reservation system that takes your selling capabilities to an entirely new level.

If you are a supplier, this tool also provides you with additional distribution opportunities (Inntopia.Distribute) and as with all of our software it is accessed online, so you can manage it from anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.

Couple this with our growing list of interfaces and you have a system that will exceed your expectations.

Define your policies


  • Ability to support your specific business requirements.
  • Allows you to set rules and then create exceptions at different levels.
  • Communicate your policies effectively to your customers.
Flexibility to define all of your policies

Flexibility to schedule and communicate policies.

Inntopia provides tremendous robustness and flexibility for defining all of your policies and allowing the system to automate many of these processes. Set policies that vary by date, by category, by product, by package, or by promotion.

  • Set your deposit schedules and cancellation policies once at the company level but still have the flexibility to vary them by date, category, product, or promotion/package.
  • Set your tax policies at the company level and then adjust them if necessary by date, category, or product levels.
  • Assign additional fees at the product level with multiple pricing models for how those are assessed.
  • Define additional information that you would like to collect from the guest.
  • Choose the suppliers that you want to sell (lodging, activities, events, equipment, transportation, etc.).
  • Apply a ranked or random display order.
  • Rate them using your own criteria (price, quality, etc.).
  • Define display preferences for your online and call center channels.
Create your packages and promotions


  • Create virtually any type of marketing-based package or promotion.
  • Offer more to your customers at every touch point.
  • Convert more and sell more by bringing any components together in a package.
Sell single- and multi-component packages online

Robust package and promotion functionality.

The Inntopia package and promotion engine is the most robust system in the industry for enabling your marketing team to create innovative ways to sell your products.

The breadth and type of promotions is limited only by your creativity—not by the software. All of these are through our intuitive online engine Inntopia.IBE.

  • Dynamic pricing engine maximizes yield.
  • Select blackout dates or adjust discounts by time period.
  • Set the discount at the supplier or product levels.
  • Choose available dates as well as book-from and book-until dates.
  • Override deposit and cancellation policies if necessary.
  • Choose to display the discount or leave it opaque.
  • Choose whether it will be available to everyone or only those with a specific promotional or group code.
  • Select the sales channel(s) through which it will be sold.
  • Add additional, required, or optional components.
  • Define the requirements for the secondary components (minimum quantity, maximum quantity, default to receive the discount)
Sell travel products


  • Training times significantly reduced.
  • Fewer staff needed due to the efficiency of the reservation process.
  • Single image of the guest means that reservations can be saved in the call center and finished online, or saved online and finished in the call center.
Sell through multiple channels

Sell through multiple channels.

Whether you are selling online or over the phone, the Inntopia user interfaces create an efficient, intuitive pathway that reduces your training times and ultimately the amount of staff that you hire.

  • Flexibility to create many entry points into the reservation process (search all, single supplier, specific package, etc.).
  • Add a promotional or group code box to limit a package discount to a select group.
  • Apply pre- or post-search filters to your results.
  • Determine the order of the search results, how many are returned, whether they are.
  • Wrap the search results with your website look and feel.
  • Create your own customized reservation path using Inntopia.XML
Monitor and analyze your performance


  • Measure your marketing and promotions effectively so you can capitalize on those that are producing.
  • Analyze the sales from your various channels, individual agents, and online.
  • Gain a complete and nuanced picture of your business so you can increase revenue.
Measure and analyze your reservations

Analyze all aspects of your business.

Inntopia offers multiple reports that facilitate a comprehensive view of each aspect of your online sales. These are available on a real-time delivery basis and can be output to HTML, Excel, and in some instances XML.

  • Sales / reservations reports
  • Guest arrivals reports
  • Inventory and rate change history reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Administrative reports

These reports are supplemented by a comprehensive data warehouse so you can pull all of your records via web services and create your own reports.

Inntopia also supports integration with several analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Click Tracks, and Omniture.

Training and support


  • Support is inclusive with the system: there are no additional fees or contracts.
  • Knowledgeable friendly staff is available to answer your questions.
  • Fast resolution of your questions.
Training and support provided

Support provided to you and travel suppliers that you sell.

Inntopia provides you and any travel suppliers that you sell with a personable and knowledgeable staff that is available to you six days a week. Each staff member has functional expertise in certain areas of the system such as packaging, policies, taxes, or software integrations. You simply call one number to be connected with the specific expert that can answer your question.

  • Functional are available six days a week.
  • Staff is well trained and receives ongoing training as new features are added.
  • Webinars are provided on a regular basis to retrain you on existing functionality or update you on new system features.
  • Support staff is located in our corporate headquarters where they have access and interaction with all of our personnel on a daily basis.
Reseller functional highlights


  • Connect directly to travel suppliers so you sell more with greater ease.
  • Provide full concierge services to your guests.
  • Create targeted marketing programs, through the package and promotion engine.
Sell more easily

Sell more with Inntopia.IBE.

Inntopia’s suite of online solutions is unparalleled in the industry. From being able to sell any type of inventory, to its unique dynamic packaging engine, to its connectivity into other systems, Inntopia has a suite of products that will convert more lookers to bookers.

  • Choose the suppliers that you want to sell and the flexibility to define different rules.
  • Supports multiple destinations.
  • Sell multiple product types dynamically through packages and promotions (flash deals, private packages that require a code).
  • Private packages that require a code for small groups and promotion tracking.
  • Provide concierge services for your guests and earn a commission on these sales.
  • Develop opaque pricing promotions by combining your inventory with others and masking the discount (only reveals the package price but not what item is being discounted).
  • Opaque lodging or product type, which is only revealed to the consumer once they have purchased.
Supplier functional highlights


  • Create promotions and packages to drive sales.
  • Provide full concierge services to your guests.
  • Choose where you would like to distribute your inventory.
  • Call our customer support line if you have questions.
Sell more easily

Sell more with Inntopia.IBE.

Whether you sell lodging, activities, equipment, tickets, or transportation, Inntopia can provide you with functionality that lets your guests easily reserve online. Our unique peer-to-peer capabilities also let you serve as a digital concierge for your guests. They can book their entire vacation from your site while you earn commissions for selling other travel suppliers' inventory.

  • Use our powerful and intuitive Inntopia.RMS or ask about our direct interfaces .
  • Set policies at multiple levels.
  • Control your inventory through calendars.
  • Create dynamic packages and promotions.
  • Create private packages that require a code for small groups and promotion tracking.
  • Provide concierge services for your guests and earn a commission on these sales.
  • Receive email notification of all reservations.
  • Access Inntopia.RMS wherever you have a connection to the Internet.