The Five RMS Features You Should Be Using Right Now

Are you taking advantage of all of the features that Inntopia RMS has to offer? Check out these five features that can make your operation more efficient while increasing your revenue potential and providing more options to your guests.

1. Tape Chart Bulk Load Tool

Managing rates, availability, and restrictions takes time. If you’re not already using the Bulk Load feature within the Tape Chart, you should be. You can update information for a single or multiple products and dates at a time, and also manage any variances by day of week. The ability to bulk load rates and availability independent of one another was also recently added. This tool is a time-saver and it should be one feature you familiarize yourself with as soon as possible. For a step-by-step video on how to use it, check out Innovative U.

2. Product Bundles

One way to upsell to a guest is to use Product Bundles. Bundling offers the ability to require or suggest products to be sold with other products. For example, if a guest books a tee time, they could then be prompted to also reserve a cart and even a lesson. Bundles offer more product choices to your guests, which will result in increased revenue. To learn more, log into Innovative U.

3. Geographic Coordinates

What’s just as important as a guest making a booking? A guest who can easily find your property when it’s time to arrive. Since most everyone seems to have a smartphone or other device that provides directions, the most accurate way for a guest to know your precise location is by providing the latitude and longitude of your address. It’s most helpful to enter the physical location of where a guest should check in, rather than a PO Box or where your mail is delivered.

You can enter geographic coordinates in the Addresses tab on the Company page. Once your location has been defined, Google Maps uses this information to default the map on your eCommerce site.

And, if that’s not enough to entice you, you’ll soon be able to enter the Geographic Coordinates for products. You’ll be able to specify exactly where your lodging or activity products are located. The fields are available now to populate (go to the product Attributes and select the Item Address tab) and the functionality will be enabled in a future release. Stay tuned…

4. Product Display Sequences

Do you have a few products that are not necessarily your ‘best sellers’ but need to sell more of them or sell them more frequently? Give them a little love and use the Product Display Sequence feature to move those products to the beginning of the search results. The display sequence can be changed at any point, which means you have the flexibility to ‘push’ certain products when desired or based off needs. You can edit the Display Sequence directly from the Products tab.

5. Tiered Rate Discounts

This is a cool feature only available within RMS. You can setup different discounts based on a guest’s length of stay within a single promotion. This feature can be useful if you want to add a graduated discount to a product to entice a guest to stay longer. For example, a guest might receive a 10% discount to stay two nights, but a 20% discount to stay three nights. Check out the video tutorial on how to use this on Innovative U.

Get ready for your next season by using these tools to grow your sales and save time!