Q: How many resorts have adopted responsive website design?

After publishing some of our email width and mobile open stats a few weeks ago, a question came up surrounding where people go after they “click” on a mobile device. That’s a question best answered on an individual resort level, but from a macro level, how many resort websites are responsive? Let’s take a look.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at over 800 ski, beach, and golf resort websites using the viewport meta tag (and a few rules built on the way that tag is used) to identify responsive versus non-responsive sites. For this analysis we did not include m-dot websites (i.e., “m.resortdomain.com”) in the “responsive” category.


Interestingly, the breakdowns between each group was remarkably similar. Ski resorts showed about a 35% adoption rate (to be fair, including some mountains that may be defined as “areas” rather than “resorts” by some), golf resorts were at about 33% with beach resorts at 34%.

What This Means
Keep in mind that the true answer to the question we started with is hard to quantify – email links may go to m-dot sites or booking/e-commerce platforms – but the fact that many resorts’ mobile email efforts would only be optimizing the first step of a long process is telling.

Again, this is best answered on an individual level so look at your mobile stats, look at your current system, and make sure the experience is designed for all parties on all devices.

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