Inntopia YieldView

Next Generation Yield Management.

Inntopia YieldView is the innovative way to showcase, packages, and sell activities, lift tickets, tee times, transportation, rentals, services, and more.

YieldView allows activity and service providers to showcase date-sensitive pricing for many types of products, including any lift ticket, activity, equipment rental, ground transportation, and event or service categories. Visitors to your website can view intuitive calendar screens showcasing multiple pricing tiers with both discounted and flex option products to purchase. They save money by committing to their dates in advance, and you benefit by locking in advanced purchases.


An Inntopia resort partner increased online revenue by 280% after switching to YieldView along with our Responsive Commerce Design.

Whether you are offering advance purchase discounts or standard retail pricing, YieldView offers:


  1. Intuitive, customizable calendar interface.
  2. Integration with RTP|One, Siriusware, or SKIDATA for automated fulfillment.
  3. You own all customer data.
  4. Integration into Inntopia.CRS lets reservation agents handle cancellations, modifications, and to take phone reservations.
  5. Cancellation and payment policies can differ by pricing tier, date, and other criteria.
  6. Unlimited number of pricing tiers.
  7. Optional payment gateway integration for automated payment processing.
  8. Optional distribution to tour operators, travel agents, and online retailers.
  9. Multi-lingual capabilities include: English, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian.


Intuitive, customizable calendar interface Integration with RTP|One, Siriusware and SKIDATA Low transaction fees Your customers, your data Automatic upselling of lodging and other resort products
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