COVID-19 Testing Appointment Platform

Allow patients to easily find and schedule testing across individual or multiple locations.

Search Across Single or Multiple Locations

Patients can start their search at either the individual hospital level or an aggregated, regional level to find available slots. Book online or over the phone.

Ready for Spikes in Demand and Traffic

Secure, fast scheduling built on tested infrastructure that can handle the high volumes of requests associated with widespread pandemic response testing.

Customizable from Screening to Confirmation

Screen candidates with a custom list of questions, create any combination of time slots, customize with your logo and colors, and more.

Free, for as Long as Possible

We are a business. But COVID-19 is bigger than business. When we saw the challenges with testing and scheduling, we saw a place where our booking platform - typically used by resorts for things like ski lessons - could be used by those on the front lines. At some point, we may need to charge new clinics so we can properly support their needs. Today, however, this tool is free for anyone who can benefit from a fast, multi-location appointment scheduling platform.

Get in Touch

If you represent a clinic, hospital, or agency, or can put us in touch with one you are connected with, please reach out.

NOTE: If you are an individual seeking testing, DO NOT complete this form. Please follow the guidance of local officials and clinics.