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Commerce Quick Tip: Did You Miss the Webinar?

Last week, we organized 3 webinars with our distribution partners, giving you a chance to learn about how you can expand your reach. If you missed the webinars and would like to learn more about RedAwning, BookingPal, and CanadaStays, log into Innovative U. You’ll find the recordings of each video along with all of the other webinars we’ve hosted.

Double Your Average Cart Size

Learn how to double the average booking size at your resort or hotel in five simple steps.

Save on the 2020 INSIGHT Conference
(Two Days Only)

An unnamed internet retail giant has turned July 15-16 into an international shopping holiday, and we’ve decided to join in.

For two days only, you can register for the 2020 Insight Conference at Hotel Talisa at Vail, CO for only $575 $499/person.

Just click here –
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