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News Meet Compass; the tool that will help you squeeze even more value from your Inntopia account.

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 Nov 1, 2022

Inntopia is known for a lot of stuff, but one of the things that’s often overlooked is the time and effort we put into documentation and training. Our e-learning library, Innovative U, contains 19 video training courses used by over 4,000 people and is paired with Inntopia Help that covers hundreds of topics in detailed, written-and-illustrated form.

Recently, our Product Team partnered up with the Documentation Team to launch a new resource that delivers timely info, tips, and step-by-step guides right where folks need them most: while they’re using our platform.

Introducing: Compass

The next time you log in to Inntopia Marketing Cloud you may notice this icon in the bottom right corner of the window.

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Click that icon and you’ll be presented with lots of handy info including:

  • Support hours and info
  • Recent news
  • New training videos
  • Product tips
  • Strategic advice

screenshot of compass

And while having all of that in such a handy place is cool in and of itself, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


For example, Compass also includes a growing library of guides that interact directly with the interface to guide you through tricky, helpful, or new tasks.

screenshot of compass guide


It’s also tied back to what we know about each user so we can also use it to suggest helpful reminders and tools to users as they use the platform.

screenshot of compass reminders

Right now Compass is only available on Inntopia Marketing Cloud, but we’ll be expanding this new tool with more guides, more helpful tips, and implementing it across more of our interfaces in the near future.

Have ideas for Compass? Shoot an email to Kurt Kinscherf. He’d love ideas and ways to make this tool as useful as possible for our partners.

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