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School Break Report
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Know exactly when public schools and universities in your key markets are scheduling their breaks.


( Psst! Would you rather download a PDF with all the information on this page? You’re in luck — we’ve got one for you.)

For DMOs, lodging providers, and other businesses in travel destinations, school breaks must be carefully monitored and planned for, since they usually correspond with more demand and subsequent visitation. Our School Break Report, produced in partnership with STR, helps you do just that, providing all the information you need to know to maximize these peak demand periods. We do the research, which lets you focus on planning, pricing, and marketing.

“Instead of ending my peak season rates just after New Year’s Day like I did the prior year, I extended them through Jan 8th resulting in a higher ADR and a 20% increase in RevPAR.”
—SBR User

Forecast Demand

See the exact days when demand is most likely to peak while there’s still time for you and your marketing team to do something about it.

Maximize Revenue

Take full advantage of your seasonal potential by knowing which days you should adjust rates and which days you shouldn’t.

Pinpoint Marketing

School districts are listed by state and include exact days for each break to help you pinpoint your offers, messages, and marketing spend.


What is the School Break Report?

This extensive database includes the exact dates of major school break periods from over 1000 public school districts and over 500 four-year colleges and universities across the country.

We combine this broad geographic view into an easy-to-read graph highlighting the key times schools are out during the year. In addition, each report comes with supporting tables of further details like the yearly enrollment and location (city/state) of each school district or college/university, helping you zero in on specific markets. Results are published in a preliminary view in April and a full report in June depicting the break calendar for the following year.

How can I use it?

The U.S. School Break Report helps you to work smarter, allowing you to quickly pinpoint and plan for peak demand dates.

Do you usually have a big spring break crowd coming from the north? Roll out deals in Boston to coincide with the exact time the major school districts are out of school and ready to hit the road.

Want to help your destination’s retail shops and restaurants properly prepare and be more efficient and profitable? Look to the School Break Report to discover local and national demand periods and be as ready as possible.

What other reports do you offer?

Want an even more detailed look? Our Top 20 Market Report takes the School Break Report a step further, presenting you with a completely customized look at the 20 markets that matter most to you.

Choose 20 areas from among the 210 designated market areas (DMAs), which are broadcast areas defined by Nielsen Media to produce an individualized and powerful look at school breaks during your peak demand periods.

Or, have it your way; just tell us what view you need and let us see what we can do to make it so. For custom reporting and other Business Intelligence needs, just get in touch with Katie Barnes – or 970-390-4370.

Details, pricing, and ordering

Final Report as PDF (delivered in early June): $385

Final Report as PDF + Excel (delivered in early June): $500

Final Report as PDF + Excel (delivered in early June) + Preliminary Report (delivered in early April): $550


Please note that this price is per license. One license is required for each business entity who will be accessing the report and limited to the full-time onsite staff at this business. If you will be sharing this report with sister properties/businesses, a corporate office or others outside of your on-site, full-time staff you are required to buy additional licenses. For questions and bulk pricing, please contact Katie Barnes at or 970-390-4370.

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