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RBO Metrics
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The Rent-by-Owner (RBO) market has become a point of frustration for destinations. Guests staying in these condos and homes have a measurable, positive economic impact, and the added capacity can be crucial for peak seasons and large events. Yet it is difficult to understand how many units exist, how to effectively regulate them, and how they affect overall lodging availability and revenue. You simply can’t measure what you can’t see.

Until now.

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The RBO Challenge

While RBOs are typically listed online, no single site has every listing, and most units are listed on multiple sites.

RBO Websites

With Inntopia RBOMetrics, every listing is carefully validated and matched to a specific, geo-tagged property to give a clean, accurate count with no duplicates.

On top of that, identifying unit locations is problematic because eager owners try to make their listings sound closer to destinations than they actually are, or obfuscate locations for privacy reasons.

And even if you somehow get a handle on RBO units, you only have half the story. To understand RBO impacts, you have to understand your entire bed-base, including professionally managed vacation rental properties.

The Inntopia Solution

Inntopia’s Business Intelligence platform is perfectly positioned to solve the RBO problem. Our DestiMetrics team has been the industry leader in professionally managed vacation rental data for over a decade.

We start by aggregating all online listings for your destination across 20+ RBO sites. These are then combined with county GIS, assessor, census, and licensing data to de-duplicate, cleanse, and validate each and every listing.

We then merge these validated, geo-tagged listings with our data on professionally managed rental properties, and perform expert analysis to give you a 360° view of the size and dynamics of your bed-base.

From there, compliance, taxation, forecasting, and other tasks become simple and straight-forward.

Make Better Decisions With The Full Picture

With a complete view of your lodging inventory, you will finally have the tools you need to understand and maximize the economic impact of hospitality in your community.

The RBOMetrics Matrix

Fill in the gaps in your understanding of your destination’s lodging picture with RBOMetrics.

Event organizers need to know that you can handle the crowds they’ll bring, and Inntopia’s RBO Metrics give you hard data on your total lodging capacity.

Your destination’s governing bodies will be able to make more informed decisions and do a better job of licensing, compliance, taxation, permitting, and other legal issues.

In fact, between additional licensing revenue, increased compliance, and increased lodging tax revenue, RBO Metrics represents an ideal system: a useful toolset that is truly self-funding.

Kickstart Compliance

All the data you need to understand and implement licensing and compliance.


Knowledge that easily pays for itself through increased revenue.

One-Time or Recurring

Get a point-in-time view, or get updated numbers at your choice of regular intervals.

Smarter Decisions

Make more informed decisions around licensing, legislation, and taxation.

Integrated with DestiMetrics

A perfect complement to our existing DestiMetrics reporting platform.

Expert Analysis

Not just data—decades of experience to help you understand what matters.

Get Started Today

Get in touch with an expert and we can get you started with an RBO snapshot for your destination, and discuss which RBOMetrics option would be most beneficial for you:

  • Year-End & Seasonal View (Historic)

    • Includes historic inventory counts, nights booked counts, occupancy rate and average daily rate, by month
    • Available as a one-time or yearly report
    • Contact your Destination Analyst or your Account Manager for pricing
  • Forward-Looking Report

    • Includes 1 month of historic and the next 6 months of forward-looking inventory counts, nights on-the-books counts, occupancy rate and average daily rate, by month
    • Data and report are refreshed on a monthly basis
    • Available with a minimum one-year contract
    • Contact your Destination Analyst or your Account Manager for pricing

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