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Inntopia receives ISO 27001 security certification, among first in hospitality →

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Commerce New Features

Get to know the new Inntopia Ecommerce design.

As some of you may know, we’ve begun rolling out a new theme for the design of Inntopia’s ecommerce storefronts. This is opt-in – we won’t update your design unless you’d like us to – but we’re seeing some great results as the first A/B tests wrap up.

More updates are coming soon, but we wanted to take a quick second to walk you through …

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Inntopia Marketing Cloud Now Works With Vivaticket

What’s better than a new major integration? Nothing.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud, the CRM & Automated Marketing platform built for travel, is now connected to Vivaticket, one of the most popular and powerful ticketing and POS platforms for attractions.

We’re now able to pull robust guest and transaction data from Vivaticket, including for any purchase made online, on-site, or over the phone. This data

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New PMS Integration – CampLife (formerly Sunrise/Campground Automation Systems)

There’s nothing quite like camping. But unlike camping, managing and selling campsites and campground facilities should not be a back-to-basics situation.

Until now, it’s been pretty tough to integrate campsites into a comprehensive one-cart booking solution. Maybe you manage a ski resort that also has a campground during the summer. Maybe you manage a whole slew of camping facilities on behalf of a state parks …

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Using WTP Reload to Increase Revenue and Improve the Guest Experience (Inntopia + Siriusware)

In a recent sprint, we went live with some shiny new functionality for hotels and resorts who use Inntopia Commerce and the Siriusware point of sale system. We now validate the WTP media identifier against product type when someone adds a reloadable product to their cart in Inntopia Commerce.

I heard you start to nod off there, but wait. Sometimes, there is some serious excitement

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Inntopia Marketing Cloud releases new interactive Pass Migration Report.

For our ski clients, season pass sales have become a huge, critical piece of their business. And as the number of passes has grown over the years to cater to various groups and markets, it’s become harder and harder to monitor the ways guests migrate to, from, and between passes.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud has long had a powerful Pass Migration Report, but we’re excited to …

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GetSkiTickets on why they think PayPal® could increase mobile conversions and revenue

We think the addition of PayPal® as a payment option within the Inntopia Commerce booking engine is a pretty big deal, but we wanted to get the opinion of someone who’s actually using it. So we got in touch with Brandon Quinn of GetSkiTickets, one of the first users of the new integration, and his account manager Nick Haggerty, to learn more about …

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New: Create Facebook Audiences Right from the List Builder

Ever wanted to turn a list into a custom Facebook audience without downloading the results and uploading to your ad account? Now you can with our new Facebook audience integration. Use any trait – including custom traits – to build targeted lists of guests and then push those to Facebook in just a few clicks.

You can find some simple ways to get started here

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Inntopia Launches Cloud Express to Give Key Staff One-Click Access to Guest Profiles

STOWE, VT, July 16, 2018 – Inntopia announced today the release of Cloud Express, a system that gives front-desk and call-center agents one-click access to complete guest profiles directly from their CRS or PMS. Built as a bridge between Inntopia’s award-winning Marketing Cloud and Commerce technologies, Cloud Express takes the complete guest profiles once reserved only for the marketing team and puts them into

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Introducing Cloud Express; guest profiles when (and where) your team needs them.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud has some of the most powerful, accurate guest profiles in hospitality. Between our integrations list and industry-leading data-cleansing process, this is a benefit that comes up again and again with our clients.

The trick, however, is that it’s not just your marketing team who could benefit from this data. Call center agents, front desk agents, and other staff who engage directly with …

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Personal + proactive; the not-so-secret formula to our clients’ CRM success.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud has one of the highest success rates of any CRM in any industry. It’s easy to think technology is the reason why, but the true hero in this story is a deeply experienced team of account managers who take a personal, proactive approach with every client. We caught up with one of the best, Patrick Sande, for his perspective.


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The key to unlocking the stories your data is trying to tell? People.

The reason BI efforts fail isn’t because the numbers were bad it’s because the numbers weren’t enough. We take a different approach. From day 1, every DestiMetrics user has not only had access to powerful data, but a team of experts that helps them identify, understand, and apply the lessons locked therein. A team that’s filled with people like Katie Barnes.

Gregg: Katie, let’s

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One employee who shows just how seriously we take our clients’ success.

We often say that Inntopia is built on success, not breakage. That we have no interest in just selling software, but solving our clients’ problems. One of the ways we achieve this is by having a team dedicated to building a library of content and training. And one of the people responsible for the success of that library is Melissa Jordan.

Gregg: Alright, Melissa,

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Speed Check: How one man doubled our CRS search speed.

One of our values here at Inntopia is innovation. Whether it’s the product or ourselves, we’re always trying to improve. So when Matt Sontum discovered a way to increase search speed in the Inntopia central reservation system, he dug into the code and delivered a big performance boost for our clients and their guests.

Gregg: Let’s start with the basics, Matt. What’s your

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