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In golf and golf marketing, let’s not forget the basics.

Marketing involves a lot of things, but at the core it’s nothing more than:

  • A good message.
  • The right audience.
  • And a distribution channel that connects the two.

But with so much “stuff” going on with content and influencers and products and deals and weather and events, that simplicity can quickly turn complex.

Today it might be a follow up email about that deadline and …

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Pelican Hill’s clever, personal touch to mass emails.

Next to my desk I have a stack of postcards and postcard stamps.

When someone does something nice for me like pitch in on a research project or write a guest post with nothing in return, I’ll take a minute to send a personal thank you. Like most things done on such a personal level, the effects of such notes far exceed the time I …

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The clever intersection of two human behaviors at Bandon Dunes.

There’s something about the past that’s incredibly romantic.

Despite the technology now available that straightens shots and lengthens drives, it’s funny to find ourselves curious about what it would be like to play a round with the mashies, niblicks and spoons of yesteryear.

But there’s more here than simple nostalgia.

Because humans are also attracted to extremes.

When we want to get in shape, …

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Fifty golf resort website designs in three minutes.

I’m very much a website guy.

I wholeheartedly believe in the value of having a piece of web real estate you own, have control over, and can optimize. And as a marketer, I find these windows into a brand to be very telling of overall strategy and messaging.

So being, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that I have a collection of my favorite sites.


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Innisbrook and the power of branded golf holes.

When something has a really challenging, unique feature, there are two choices the managers of that something can do.

They can either downplay it.
Or, they can embrace it.

I think the former is an easy, safe route – after all, you don’t want to scare people away – but the latter holds a really intriguing angle on human (and, yes, golfer) behavior.

A Few

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What if your golf resort’s Twitter account never said a word?

I follow a lot of golf resorts on the FairwayFillers twitter account. Close to 400, in fact.

The rest are golf resort marketers.

So when I see a tweet from a name I don’t recognize or the wording sounds a little strange for a marketer to use about the resort they work for…

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A hat tip to Stonewall’s use of the wide view.

Of all the marketing angles of a resort or destination, there’s one I’ve always found myself drawn to as a consumer and traveler.

It’s not a night-lit hotel facade or smiling families playing together or a macro shot of a delicious meal, it’s something that implies and connects all of those dots together.

Because I love the wide shot.

The Question
Whenever I research a …

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Why “staff friendliness” is a key selling point for Nakoma.

The next time you’re holding lunch in one hand and your phone in the other, try a little experiment. Find a nearby hotel or resort and read their absolute worst reviews on TripAdvisor.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll find a common thread among those reviews: employees. “Rude” is typically the common denominator that underlies a principle that a friend of mine describes …

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A better way.

Inntopia gives resorts, attractions, and hospitality providers a better way to market and sell their products.

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