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Case Study
How Sugarloaf Uses Inntopia Marketing Cloud to Make $1.05 Every Time an Automated Email is Sent
Marketing Cloud Ski

Recognizing the booking patterns common among resort guests, Sugarloaf combined automation, smart timing, and clever email copy to get lapsed guests to return to their resort.

Sugarloaf setup a recurring message that was sent each day to people whose last booking date was exactly one year in the past but didn’t have a current reservation. The email copy began:

“One year ago today, you made a reservation to visit Sugarloaf. Today is, well, um… your Reservation Booking Anniversary! Sure, there’s no ring or candle-lit dinner, but one year ago you had a reservation at Sugarloaf…Well, it’s not too late. We want to invite you back for another great trip.”

And ended with a signature line from “Your Friends at Sugarloaf Mountain.”

Despite being sent long after any transactions, these emails were still relevant enough to snag a 36% open rate and 12% click rate. More importantly, however, these emails generated consistent, incremental revenue for the resort.

On average, each message has created an additional $1.05 of lodging revenue (not counting any ancillary spend) automatically. Factor in the thousands of booking reminders that are sent each season and the results of this hands-off campaign speak for themselves.



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