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Inntopia Have a PMS? And a POS or tee-sheet?
Yeah, you need Inntopia.

Sell real-time inventory from all your systems in a single interface, merge data from all those sources into a single view of your guest, and generate more direct bookings than you ever thought possible.

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Inntopia Commerce

Sell real-time inventory from your PMS, POS, tee-sheet, spa, and partners’ systems in a single interface. The result? Bigger bookings and happier guests.

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Inntopia Marketing Cloud

Merge behavioral, attitudinal, and transactional data from all your systems and channels into a single, marketing-integrated view of your guest.

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Inntopia Business Intelligence

Powerful business intelligence for travel professionals. Innovative ways to analyze your performance using a one-of-a-kind approach and dataset.

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