Why Won’t My Promotion Calculate Correctly?

As a follow-up to our last troubleshooting post, Why Doesn’t My Promotion Display Properly Online?,  we’re going to dive deep into why your promotion might not calculate correctly. With so many discounting options available, incorrect settings can easily cause unexpected results.

  1. Who Controls the Discounts? You have the option to control the discounts of each component or allow the supplier to do it. If you are to be in control of the discounts, set the Discount is set by field to Me.
  2. Should My Promotion be Discounted? Not all items within your promotion must be discounted. If something is showing a discount and shouldn’t, confirm that the component is set to No Discount. Or, if you are using discount overrides, be sure the correct discount is set or is set to 0 (zero) if you do not want to apply the discount.
  3. What is the Discount Type? Review your promotion and make sure that the Discount Type selected for the supplier is correct. Different settings are available based on the type of discount: a percentage off, a free night, etc. If it’s a free night, determine how many nights the guest must stay before they receive the free night. If you’re offering a discount, determine the discount amount.
  4. What Products Does this Promotion Affect? You must also determine to which products this discount applies. If it’s for lodging, select the room types included in the promotion.
  5. When Does the Guest Receive the Promotion? Within the settings window for each component, you must determine when the guest can start using the component. Breakfast, for example, typically starts on day two. In contrast, for a massage or a round of golf that can be booked on the day of arrival, set the Default Start Date to 1.
  6. What about the Quantity? This is where things can get tricky. First determine how many of each component the guest can consume. Breakfast, for example, would likely be one per-person for each night of the stay. That means, if the guests stay for three nights, each guest receives three breakfasts. For items such as a welcome basket, guests would only receive one per itinerary. Make sure that the Default Quantity, Min Quantity, and Max Quantity settings are correctly configured for each component.
  7. Was the Promotion Published? As mentioned before, publishing the promotion can be an easily overlooked step. Make sure your promotion is published to the proper sales channel. Publishing is not necessary for private promotions.

If you’ve checked all of the above possibilities and you’re still having trouble, contact us to help you figure it out. If you want to learn more about promotions, check out Innovative U and Wikitopia.

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