Transient Inventory Study

What is the make-up of your destination’s bedbase? The Transient Inventory Study (TIS) focuses on professionally managed short-term rentals, comparing their year over year changes, and quantifying units & pillows by location, type, size, quality rating and ownership. Sound like an impossible task? Let us do the leg work for you!

The Breakdown

We inventory your professionally managed units & pillows by type, size, quality rating and ownership (fractional or not) that are available to transient vacation guests. This data is essential to a wide range of sectors such as municipalities and destination marketing organizations, who need the ability to plan for the future and target the right demographics. We’ve recently completed Transient Inventory Studies for 25 counties in Florida which are being used to shed light on their short term capacity. The TIS is also an important baseline for lodging performance research programs and to understand the changing lodging capacity and “hot beds” available in a destination.

Sample TIS Data

We slice and dice the data with visual depictions that provide a fast and easy way to summarize findings. Below are just a few samples of the metrics we produce.

The Process

Using established systems and our standard set of metrics, we work in conjunction with your lodging properties and property management companies to gather an inventory of units and pillow counts by location, unit type, unit size, ownership type (fractional or wholly owned) and quality rating. We then aggregate and report the resulting data into several different views giving you a detailed and current snapshot of your destination’s transient lodging capacity and diversity. We’d love to sit down and show you the details to our process, so let’s make time to talk!

The Results

The results are provided in both narrative and graphical/tabular formats. This Transient Inventory Study is an important complement to a variety of our foundational lodging measurement tools, such as the Reservations Activity Outlook and Daily Occupancy reports. With a firm grasp on your lodging inventory and overall capacity, destinations can effectively evaluate their performance against themselves and other areas. Marketers can craft promotions with precision discovering exactly what they have to work with. Municipalities, developers and investors can confidently plan new projects directed at segments underserved by the current lodging mix.

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