New Feature: Timeout online user sessions

To align with eCommerce best practices, Inntopia has added a new setting to trigger a session timeout to prevent unauthorized users from completing a check-out. This applies to guests booking through an online sales channel (eCommerce site). When a user session expires, the user must then log back in to continue the session; however, information entered prior to expiration remains intact and does not need to be re-entered.

Session expiration timeout methods include:

  • Browser Session – User session expires upon closing the internet browser. (Closing a browser tab does not end a user session.)
  • Timer – User session expires after a set amount of time or when the internet browser is closed. Timeout expiration happens regardless of mouse or keyboard action. The time in seconds must be specified.

For more information regarding the functionality, contact Partner Services.

Next Step

To enable this setting, contact Inntopia Partner Services and provide them with the following information:

  • Sales Channel ID
  • Session expiration method to enable: Browser Session or Timer
  • If using the Timer expiration method, indicate the amount of time, in seconds, that will elapse prior to the session expiring.