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Don’t Zone Out While Generating Supplier and TA Payables
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Have you ever headed home after a long day, pulled into your driveway and realized you do not even remember driving home? Well, although this can be concerning and even a little scary, it is common. We tend to “zone” out when we are doing something that we do all the time and most likely does not take much thinking. This happens when we are doing things like making our coffee, brushing our teeth, walking the dog, and scrolling through our news feed. The question is though, do we do this at work with everyday tasks that are not the most exciting but are still important and could probably use our focused attention?

One of those very important yet mundane tasks might be running the Supplier & Travel Agent Payables Report and vouchering process. Keep reading for a few pointers to keep in mind when working on this specific task.

What Is the Supplier & Travel Agent Payables Report Vouchering Process?

The Supplier and Travel Agent Payables Report vouchering process is an easy way for resellers to manage and track within Inntopia what and when you have paid your suppliers and travel agents. Running the payables report creates a voucher that you can use to compare against your true payment system outside of Inntopia. The report can be run for a time-period in which you can choose to either ‘hold or pay’ each supplier or travel agent. If you are responsible for this daily task, you likely know that ‘hold’ means you will clear this payable at a later date and that ‘pay’ means you are clearing it today (both for tracking within Inntopia and presumably payment outside of Inntopia).

Why Use It?

You probably have a process in place for paying your third-party suppliers or even for reconciling the suppliers you own as a reseller. The Inntopia Supplier & Travel Agent Report vouchering process adds to the tracking you already do with your payables process.

Things to Keep in Mind (While Not Zoning Out)

  • Make sure you (more importantly, THEY) know who is in charge. Alright, not necessarily in charge, but who is in charge today to run the Supplier & Travel Agent Payables. The vouchering process will perform at its best and with the most data integrity when it is run by one user at a time per reseller. So, identify who that is and tell everyone else to stay out. Let the fun begin!
  • Now that you have identified the lucky candidate to run the payables, you should avoid having two instances of the report running at the same time (either in separate tabs or browser windows). This will not speed up the process, so sit back and sip your coffee, while the payables are being processed and the vouchers are being generated.
  • It’s tempting to use the browser Back button to navigate any webpage, but when it comes to the Supplier & Travel Agent Payables Report vouchering process, this is a big no-no. Once the voucher process has completed, export the data to Microsoft Word or your accounting system of choice, or simply log out. You can always reference the batch and/or voucher later within Inntopia.

That’s it. By keeping these simple key points in mind, you are bound to have a successful (and satisfying) voucher processing experience. So keep mindfully aware of it – you’ll have plenty of time to blissfully zone out later!

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