Ready for a New Career? Join our Team at Inntopia

When you’re looking for a new job, what matters to you the most? If you listed the people, the place, and the position, let’s chat. Inntopia is proven as an awesome place to work: in the last three years, we’ve been named to Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work four times!

  • Location, Location, Location

Inntopia’s five offices across the United States each offer options to match your lifestyle and interests. Are you an outdoor enthusiast, or a city dweller? Want to live near the ocean? If you prefer to work from home, we support that, too. Work/life balance is important to us. We understand that great employees have busy and exciting lives outside of work. Inntopia provides the flexibility you need to balance your life. Enjoyment in your personal life shows in the quality of your work and in the enthusiasm you bring to the office.

“I created two personal goals growing up: to never wear a suit to work, and to live in and enjoy the mountains. Inntopia lets me satisfy both.”
~ Sean Bartosewcz, Product Owner, Edwards, CO

  • Be Around Friends

A good day is one spent with people you enjoy being around. Working with people you’re comfortable with fosters innovation, promotes sharing, and sparks creativity. Developing friendships outside of the office also strengthens the team and builds a sense of community. Wouldn’t it be great to work with people who share the same basic values as you, such as respect, trust, and a strong work ethic?

“The fact that we are friends makes such a difference at work – it helps us problem-solve more efficiently because we know how to communicate effectively.”
~ Robin Carey, Accounting Manager, Stowe, VT

  • Bring Your A-Game

Want to collaborate with creative, talented people? At Inntopia, you’ll meet those people and create something awesome with them. We’ve got people from all backgrounds sharing ideas and taking it to the next level. Do you have something to contribute to our team? Come unleash your full potential at Inntopia. Bring your experience, bring your energy, bring your A-game.

“Inntopia is a place that nurtures unique talents. If you want to work with crazy-smart people to solve difficult problems, this is the place to be. The more diverse our team’s backgrounds, the more creative our solutions become.”
~ Katharine Bodan, Sr. Manager Software Development, Stowe/Burlington, VT

  • We Love Dogs

There isn’t a day that goes by that a four-legged friend isn’t in the office. With so many dog lovers, it’s a natural fit for their dogs to spend the day with us. We treat them like family. Each contributes in their own way, and they have designated roles around the office.

“We are very fortunate to have the pups in the office. They are definitely part of the Inntopia family and keep the office on an even keel. I love to bounce ideas off of them, especially since they always have PAWsitive feedback!”
~ Tyler Glenn, Implementation Specialist, Stowe, VT

  • We’re Passionate About What We Do

We work hard to produce a quality product – that means both software and service. Many of us have direct experience in the hospitality industry. Knowing exactly how our users need to work helps us design the most user-friendly and efficient products available. Thinking of our customers as partners leaves us still thinking of ways to be better even after we’ve left the office.

“Coming from a hospitality-based career, I was pleasantly surprised that a software company placed so much emphasis on customer service to their partners.”
~ Jesse George, Front Line Customer Service Representative, Stowe, VT

Visit our career page today; we hope that you will join our team!

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