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Helpful Update to eComm Inventory Display
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eCommerce sales channels now display Quantity Available consistently for grouped and stand-alone interfaced products.


Partners who use a two-way interface for activity products. If you do not use a two-way interface for activity products, this change does not affect your products.


The eCommerce inventory display quantities for grouped products now follow the same behavior as non-grouped products. The available quantity displayed to online guests will always show the lesser of the remote inventory Cache Quantity or the RMS product-level Quantity Available restriction. Some partners have found that setting the Quantity Available field in RMS to a number that is less than your typical cache value can convey a feeling of scarcity of your products thus encouraging guests to purchase.

Scenario 1: Cache Quantity is greater than the Quantity Available restriction. eCommerce displays the lesser value (Quantity Available).

Scenario 2Quantity Available restriction is greater than the Cache Quantity. eCommerce displays the lesser value (Cache Quantity).


Within Inntopia RMS, locate the desired product. From the Settings menu, select Restrictions. In the Quantity Available field, update the value, and select Save.

Within the eCommerce sales channel, the guest can select any quantity up to the lesser of the Quantity Available or Cache Quantity values.

Next Step

If desired, contact your SAM or Partner Services for help devising a strategy for updating quantity restrictions within Inntopia RMS.


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