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Use Yielded Products in Promotions and Bundles

We know that the ability to yield products is a powerful tool in your pricing strategy. Now, we’ve expanded that functionality beyond the YieldView Calendar by incorporating yielded products within promotions and bundles. When a guest selects a specific component within a promotion or bundle, they are presented with the lowest-priced yielded product available.

How Does It Work?

In Inntopia RMS, the yielded products you want to include in a promotion or bundle must first be assigned to a pricing family. A pricing family is a type of group that lets you sell products both in the YieldView calendar and within promotions and bundles. Each pricing family contains a free-sale product and multiple inventoried products, which become the pricing tiers. The free-sale product is designated as the leader (identified by a star), and each inventoried product is linked to the pricing family leader. You set up rates and availability as you normally would for each pricing tier and the free-sale product.

If you currently use display groups to sell your products within YieldView, you must regroup your products using pricing families. This does not impact functionality within the YieldView calendar; it merely offers you the additional option of including those products in promotions and bundles.

Once a pricing family is created, each product that you want to offer must then be added to the promotion or bundle.

What Does the Guest See?

When a guest selects the promotion, the lowest priced product available is immediately offered.

If the guest decides to change the product, they are offered the lowest priced product available for each pricing family in the promotion or bundle. Within your promotion or bundle, you can present pricing families, product groups, and standalone products together to create a dynamic mix of choices.

Note: At this time, multiple pricing families can be added to a promotion; however, only one pricing family can be added to a bundle.

Pricing families create endless possibilities to yield products outside of the YieldView Calendar. For a full introduction to pricing families, log into Innovative U or review Wikitopia.

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