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May 22-25, 2017

Preliminary Agenda

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This agenda is subject to change
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The schedule for Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th will be 9-5pm,
and Thursday, May 25th, 9-1pm.

State of Inntopia and Road Map

Much has happened this year at Inntopia. Trevor Crist, Corey Ryan, Brian Forrest and Ralf Garrison provide a deep dive on all that’s new and what’s in store for the years ahead, including eCommerce, Marketing and Business Intelligence solutions and new opportunities for our partners.

Inntopia Marketing Cloud in Review

The last year has been a big one for the Ryan Solutions team as they joined the Inntopia family and rebranded to the Inntopia Marketing Cloud. Corey Ryan talks about the latest and greatest changes with their platform and what’s coming down the pipeline with new technology, integrations, and features to help marketers turn what they know about their guests into targeted, ROI-generating campaigns.

Inntopia Business Intelligence

Destimetrics’ Tom Foley will provide us with an overview of the state of the industry, covering the overall state of the economy and a more detailed look at how mountain destinations fared in winter 2016/17, as well as a look at the summer ahead and a review of the warm weather destinations in the southeast. This informative talk will provide some of the performance-based context for sessions to-come over the balance of the conference.

Engineering the Inntopian Enterprise

John Kitonis, Inntopia’s VP Software Development will lead a breakout session and discuss updates from our software development engineers and how we continue to help you get more, and better products on time and within budget.

Innovative U – An update to Inntopia’s eLearning Tool

Patty Weber, Inntopia’s Implementation Manager leads a breakout session and reviews and introduces new modules of the external training program as an eLearning Solution. Discover more ways to use this tool to keep agents and users better informed, and better trained while decreasing costs and onsite time.

State of the Industry

Tom Foley, Inntopia’s Director of Business Intelligence will provide us with an overview of the state of the industry, covering the overall state of the economy and a more detailed look at how mountain destinations fared in winter 2016/17, as well as a look at the summer ahead and a review of the warm weather destinations in the southeast. This informative talk will provide some of the performance-based context for sessions to-come over the balance of the conference.

Inntopia Responsive Commerce: Best Practices

Look at ways partners use Responsive Commerce to dramatically boost sales; then break in to small groups and share your own success stories. Come away with best practices for leveraging Responsive Commerce to increase your profits.

Inntopia CRS/Agentopia Updates and Practical Advice

Learn what’s new with Inntopia CRS/Agentopia and get some practical advice, and tips and tricks from our experts, Holly Baker, Senior Partner Services and Integration Specialist, and Ashley Fay, Implementation Specialist / Strategic Account Manager. Participate by sharing your own experiences, ask questions, take these best practices home to start taking full advantage of Inntopia CRS/Agentopia to boost your sales.

What happens when our Content Marketing stops working?

MJ Legault, Principal Origin Design and Communications discusses how every minute, 2.78 million videos are viewed on YouTube, 39,000 images are posted to Instagram and 537,000 photos are shared on Snapchat. Is there only so much content we can take? Content used to be the way for brands to cut through the clutter, now content has become the clutter. Will this content bubble burst? How will this inundation of content – both useful and utterly rubbish – change in the near future? How can you be ready? This session will explore how consumer habits have changed, some solutions for resort and destination marketers to consider and some take aways that can be applied to your marketing strategy right away.

Meet the Developers

Inntopia Senior Developers Tim Kiely and Paul Wagner give a recap and overview from the Dev Team, and discuss success stories and plans for the year ahead.

Marketing Cloud Client Portal Roadmap and Update

As the new client portal takes shape new doors are being opened for powerful intelligence, visualization, and data access for our clients. In this session Ben Zeeb, Inntopia’s Senior VP of Product Development will talk about where the portal was, where it is now, and what’s just around the corner.

Customizing the Inntopia Booking Funnel

Tim Bonnell shares how Tourism Whistler successfully customized Inntopia’s API to synchronize the brand experience, send cart abandonment emails, browse visitor recordings and create customized reporting dashboards.

How to Leverage Inntopia Packaging/Bundling

Find out how one partner leverages Inntopia’s packaging and bundling features to improve marketing to consumers and improve overall sales. Then, break into small groups and share your own success stories.

Turning New Email Addresses into New Guests

Resorts and hotels gather thousands of emails every month or even every week. More often than not, however, these powerful bits of contact information are vastly underestimated and often ignored until the next newsletter. Patrick Sande teaches simple, overlooked campaigns that help you make the most of every email in your database and turn those addresses in a happy, paying guests.

The State of Inntopia RMS

The updated Inntopia RMS is here, new and improved. Are you using it to its full capacity and increasing your productivity in managing your products? Join Gibson LaFountaine, Inntopia Product Owner to learn what’s new – and what’s still to come. Share your thoughts, and let us know what you would like to see added in the near future.

Growing Lift and Activity Ticket Yield using Inntopia

Scott Guyette of Specific Gravity Consultancy will lead this interactive session on accomplishing a dynamic pricing model using Inntopia’s Yield View platform. Including a brief recap of the best dynamic pricing practices, benefits of a dynamic pricing model over static rates and application in the Ski Industry.

Spotlio’s Booking Layers and Apps benefit Whistler Blackcomb

Albert Ferrando, CEO at Spotlio Inc., leads this session introducing the success of Whistler Blackcomb with SPOTLIO. Erik Austin from Whistler Blackcomb shares his experience working with Spotlio, and leveraging Spotlio’s Booking Layer to achieve and exceed their goals firsthand. Come and discover more insights about Spotlio’s Resort Apps and upcoming brand new features. 

Live Chat in the Cart; Lessons Learned and Shared

Chris Lamothe, eCommerce manager for Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine and shares how ran live chat in a half-hearted fashion for several years before ramping things up in 2016-17. The benefits have been significant, this is an opportunity to see how little changes can have a big impact, and where to go from here.

Taking Guest Surveying from Good to Great

Do your guest surveys fall into a black hole? In this session we’ll talk about how you can use advanced survey techniques, dashboards, and follow up management to turn surveys from glanced-at reports to an integral part of the guest experience and marketing process. In this session, Kurt Kinscherf, Senior Account Manager at Inntopia discusses what other resorts are doing, what you can do to improve, and some of the technology now available on the Marketing Cloud platform.

Supplier Engagement from the Reseller Perspective

As Inntopia’s Implementation Specialist and Strategic Account Managers, Patty Weber, Julianna Fedrizzi, and Duncan Nutter know a thing or two about the ins and outs, and the ways to better engage with suppliers, increase your offerings, and realize positive results with your bottom line.

Behind the Scenes from Slopefillers’ Upcoming Rebrand

What started as a side project in 2010, SlopeFillers has become a trusted name in resort marketing ideas used by thousands of marketers each week. Now, in 2017, the site will be making it’s largest pivot ever in both strategy and style. Join Gregg Blanchard for a behind-the-scenes tour of marketing mistakes, lessons, and successes from the SlopeFillers story as well as an overview of the strategies and principles he’s applying during the next chapter and a first look at the new site.

Maximizing Your Summer Offerings with Tee Times and Golf Packages

Learn more about integrating golf course tee sheet systems with Inntopia to enable your guests to book tee times online. Also participate in an open discussion about various methods and best practices of marketing your Golf-centric Stay & Play packages.

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