Lodging Suppliers: What Else Can You Offer Me?

Dear Lodging Supplier,

I’m your guest. I’m ready to have a great experience and spend some money. I’ve booked my room and tickets, but what else can you offer me?

I know that you have a beautiful property and wonderful amenities, but you probably also have some ‘extra’ products and services that you’re not offering online. I’ve done some research and I know there is plenty to do around there. Make it easy for me and let me add these things to my itinerary as I’m planning my vacation.

Is there a gym here (that I may or may not use)?

Do you have a fitness center, a gym, or a pool area that is not included with the room-rate? Why not offer the pass ahead of time online, make it a package add-on, or a bundled upsell option? It would be a friendly reminder to me that I can stick to my workout routine during my stay. If you have a fitness center, it would be much more convenient if I could pay for it when I book everything else.

Potential product categories to use include: Gym Pass, Health & Wellness, Yoga, Spinning

What about parking?

Do you have a designated parking space for me? Is it included in the room-rate? If not, make life easier for me and your front desk staff by offering it ahead of arrival. Once I park, how do we get around? Do you offer public transit passes or a shuttle? Help me take care of the logistics before I arrive by offering these types of products online.

Potential product categories to use include: Parking, Seasonal Parking, Ground Transportation

What is there to do around here?

Whether I am staying with you to golf, ski, work, or visit the world’s biggest ball of yarn, I’ll likely look to you for some suggestions on what else we ‘should do’ while we’re here. If there is an event in town, offer tickets to the event. Is there a local recreational path in your town? If so, offer us bike rentals. I might like to go to the town rodeo, so offer admission tickets and belt buckles. Chances are I’ll have my own belt buckle, but I’ll probably still need a ticket.

Potential product categories to use include: Bike Rental, Dining & Nightlife, Tennis, Water Park Pass, Hot Air Balloon Rides, History & Museums, Rodeo

Don’t forget about the ‘extras’

Not everything you have to offer me is fun-filled, I understand that. Maybe you have many requests (and charge a little more ) for extras such as lockers, stocking a guest’s refrigerator before arrival, roll-away beds, laundry service, or even a pet fee. Add these types of products to my online experience with bundling to capture my needs ahead of time. It will provide me some options and will also help your team plan by reducing the number of last-minute requests.

Potential product categories to use include: Pet Fee, Misc. Fee, Merchandise, Service Fee

If you offer an extra today to your guest, you will probably offer it tomorrow, too. Think about all of your non-lodging services and products and offer them online for a complete and convenient booking experience. It’s a win for you and for me!

Warm regards,

Your Guest (and potentially returning guest!)

Visit the complete list of Product Categories or contact your Strategic Account Manager for more information.

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