New Partner: Distribute Your Lodging Inventory With CanadaStays

This is the first of several announcements we’ll be making over the next little while about new distribution partners. It’s an exciting time.

Inntopia’s developers and project managers have been working very hard to bring these new partners on board. The goal is to give users of Inntopia’s Commerce platform (specifically the omni-product reservation management system, or RMS) the ability to distribute, market, and sell their lodging inventory basically anywhere travelers search for lodging.

The first new partner we’re announcing is CanadaStays – Canada’s largest vacation rental marketplace (part of the HomeAway network). The integration has not been tested and turned on yet, but that process has begun.

We have two other distribution partners that are much closer to being live and available to Inntopia Commerce clients that we’ll be announcing in the next couple of weeks.

The benefit of using these new Inntopia partnerships is greatly reduced complexity and far less time being spent maintaining inventory, pricing, and availability on all the different platforms you want to sell through.

We’re proud of our engineering team. They’ve been rocking a new Agile methodology for over a year now, and the progress is really starting to pick up. Outstanding bugs are being squashed, new features are being implemented, and these kinds of API connections are being created and strengthened.

Read the full press release, and give your account manager a call if you’re interested in adding CanadaStays to your distribution mix.