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New Partner: Distribute and Market with RedAwning
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This is the second in a series of announcements about new distribution partners. First was CanadaStays, which allows Inntopia Commerce and API clients to easily reach Canadian travelers.

Next up is RedAwning, who is a gold-level sponsor of the upcoming Inntopia INSIGHT conference in Vail and is one of the most exciting things to happen to this space in a while (in my opinion).

They’re a full-service, well, service. What does that mean? It means that if you’re a small or medium-sized hotel or property manager, you can sign up with them and they sort of take care of everything on the other side of your booking engine: distribution to OTAs, call center, reservations management, and some marketing.

This is exciting for us in a couple of ways. RedAwning is one option to now distribute from Inntopia to almost every travel website and OTA in the world. But it’s also a continuation of Inntopia’s philosophy and value proposition: connecting lots of different services together into something better. Inntopia Commerce connects PMS, POS, ticketing, and other systems into a one-stop, lodging-and-activities-in-a-single-shopping-cart booking engine. And RedAwning connects together all these different distribution options into a single point of management. Hook the two together and you’ve got a one-two punch to take your lodging and package sales to the next level.

RedAwning is a super interesting proposition, and if I were in you shoes I’d be giving them a hard look.

Their two-way interface has been tested, certified, and is now live for Inntopia clients.

Ask for a demo or talk to your account manager if you’d like to see how RedAwning could work for you.

And read the full press release here.

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