Why Isn’t My Bundle Working?

You’ve got a great idea for a bundle. You’ve set it up but it doesn’t seem to be displaying properly. What went wrong?

First, let’s discuss what a bundle is and isn’t. A bundle links two or more products together which can add value to customer purchases. By pairing a product with other products or by upselling customers on additional optional products, you can offer your customers more choices and increase revenue.

A bundle is a way for you to upsell products to a guest. It is not something that can be discounted or blacked-out over a holiday period.

A bundle is a tool you can use to offer the guest more options and increase your revenue. It is not something that will accommodate every creative idea you have.

If your bundle is not displaying properly, check these basics to make sure you’ve set it up correctly.

  1. How did the guest purchase more/less than what I set to be allowed/required? You set your Max allowed to two, but the guest was able to purchase five. What happened? The Minimum Required and Max Allowed fields are only enforced if the bundle is set to ‘Required’. Did you set it to ‘Suggested’? If so, switch the setting and then test your bundle again.
  2. Why does my bundle not show up in any searches?
    1. What are the dates? Check the start and end dates of the bundle and then make sure the dates being entered online are within that range. If the dates entered online fall outside of the bundle’s set date range, the bundle won’t appear in searches.
    2. Who’s the parent? What is the parent product set up on the bundle? Your products may have similar names so it’s easy when setting up the bundle to select the wrong product. It’s always a good idea to double check that the correct child products have been added to the bundle, too.
    3. Are the child products also part of a promotion? If any of the child products in your bundles are also part of a promotion, your bundle will not work. Make sure the child products in your bundle are not already associated with a promotion.
  3. Why won’t my bundle appear in the correct sales channels? Was the bundle published? One of the easiest steps to miss during setup is publishing the bundle to the proper sales channel. This is where you determine which resellers can offer the bundle for sale.

If you’ve checked all of these things and you’re still having trouble, contact us so we can help you. If you want to learn more or see some bundle examples in action, check out Innovative U and Wikitopia.

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