Introducing the Inntopia Supplier Info Center

You asked, we listened! Introducing the new Inntopia Supplier Info Center, the one-stop shop for onboarding new suppliers. Here, new suppliers will find all of the tools they need to get started on the Inntopia network. They can:

  • View a short welcome video.
  • Download the Quick Start Guide to have all of the Inntopia resources in one handy location.
  • Access Inntopia RMS to set up a new account.
  • Log into Innovative U to have unlimited access to online training.

At our Insight Conference this year, you told us about the importance of successful supplier onboarding and the challenges you have had achieving it. Our team has taken the first steps in implementing your suggestions and we are pleased to present our new Supplier Info Center!

Visit the Supplier Info Center today and send us your feedback! We’d love to hear what you think!