Know when schools in key markets are on break.

The School Break Report shows you exactly when over 1,500 public school districts and universities are on break so marketers and revenue managers can maximize ADR and RevPAR during peak demand.

“The report showed that 20 – 40% more school districts would be off after New Year’s and fewer schools would be on break week leading up to Christmas. Instead of ending my peak season rates just after New Year’s Day like I did the prior year, I extended them through Jan 8th resulting in a higher ADR and a 20% increase in RevPAR.”

2016 School Break Report User

Forecast Demand

See the exact days when demand is most likely to peak while there’s still time for your marketing team to do something about it.

Pinpoint Marketing

School districts are listed by state and include exact days for each break to help you pinpoint the timing of your offers, messages, and marketing spend.

Maximize Revenue

Take full advantage of your seasonal potential by knowing which days you should adjust rates and which days you shouldn't.



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“I was able to anticipate a decrease in occupancy for the week prior to Christmas. I successfully targeted promotions to the markets that I knew were out of school then to help counter a potential decline in occupancy.”

2016 School Break Report User