A Unified Inntopia for Bigger and Better Results

We are excited to see our lines of business unify and are eager to show how you too can use Commerce, Marketing Cloud, and Business Intelligence (BI) together to create incredible results and increase your ROI.

The following sessions will help you expand your reach with Inntopia:

Inntopia Products – Looking Ahead
Pay attention when this Fab Five takes center stage at the General Session! They’ll highlight recent features, discuss our future strategic plans, and talk about how we are working together to bring valuable products that cross all lines of business to the marketplace.

Marketing Cloud and Commerce – Better Together
Account Managers Lindsay Haller and Nick Haggerty each bring their personal expertise to this session and we promise that the take-aways will be of epic proportions. Explore the use of cross-platform programs to engage guests and drive revenue while reviewing Loyalty Pass programs and Email Upsells that can leverage the Marketing Cloud and Commerce systems. Real-life examples of powerful campaigns create to engage guests and sell products will be discussed, and we will dig into the data behind those successful campaigns. 

Driving Revenue and Loyalty with Microbranding
Your PMS is full of data that can readily be used to deliver a fully-customized, pre-stay experience to your guests. Tyler Maynard, Director of Business Development, has perfected the art of upselling products to guests using that data in personalized marketing messaging and targeted email campaigns. He’ll go over some real-life experiences and explain how you can perfect the art, too!

It Takes a Village…to Inform Your Marketing Solutions
During her time with Inntopia, Katie Barnes has been part of sales, marketing, product development, and business intelligence analysis. Her secret to success as a current Marketing Cloud Account Manager involves pinponting marketing opportunities on which partners can capitalize using data collected from Inntopia’s Business Intelligence reports. 

Expand your Reach with Inntopia
There are many ways to generate more sales by leveraging the Inntopia platform. A simple and often overlooked way to increase a supplier base is to partner with other Inntopia resellers and distribution partners. Kevin Duff, Manager of the Product Specialist Team, and Kyle Opuszynski, Implementation Specialist, team up to discuss such opportunities for our partners. Come prepared to share your experiences on generating more revenue for your business.